Blue, hopeful stories
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anxious_annoyed I just have a lot of shitty feelings
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a study of the color blue


the dreary color on a day where the sky matches your mood.

It's the sharp crack of thunder as lightning lights up the steel blue night.

It's crying with the rain, confiding in the clouds.

Comforted by a cerulean horizon.

Life goes on.

It's the shock of cobalt when you finally leave.

It's the powder blue sky above as you scream your freedom down the highway.

The electric glow of a neon sign, lost in the noise.

It's your stained denim jeans, unwashed and still covered in adventure.

It's turquoise waves, beckoning you towards the sea.

When the loss of stability is welcome, and you gladly run towards the unknown.

It's the stormy waves crashing down on what's left of yesterday.

Blue, blue is the color of it'll be okay.

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