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A short story inspired by the works of junji ito and hp lovecraft, dealing with feelings of loneliness.


The salty breeze from the ocean caresses the young girls face, the luminescent sun beats down its loving rays.

Its warmth reminiscent of a doting mother, and it's intensity that of a furious father.

"Dahlia come over here, look at this weird fish we found" The young man beckons.

The group of teens on their first spring break have never been to the ocean before, and are overly naive to the worlds cruelty.

The fish writhes in agony, trash protruding from it's gills, as it gasps for air.

"Woah it's so gross i can't believe there's a fish that eats garbage...

Ewwww what is that coming from its mouth"

Dahlia notices the black ooze slowly spilling out.

"I don't know but it smells like shit haha" Adam the jester of the group starts poking the pitiful creature.

"Hey guys we should get the fire going before the sun goes down, I'd hate to have to do it once it's dark" Lynn proclaims, ever the only responsible one of the group.

"Yeah yeah I get it I got it, I'll get to it in just a sec. Just gotta take a piss" Adam briskly walks to a little clearing in the corner of the beach behind a strange rock formation.

"Eugh disgusting" the girls proclaim.

"Hmmm so now that dumbass is gone how about we crack open the wine? We should celebrate" Dahlia says persuasively "And what exactly are we celebrating Dahl?

" Lynn sighs " Graduation dummy, now we can stop slaving away at homework and finally live our lives to the fullest" Dahlia says looking to the sky full of enthusiasm.

"Is that really how it'll be though Dahl..?" Lynn watches as Dahlia pops the cork "Of course lynn" she says grinning like an idiot.

"I took the wine and glasses from my parents, they won't even miss them they're pretty loaded after all haha"

Dahlias parents were the owners of a rather large company, in recent years they'd been dealing with backlash from some activist groups but they have the money to sweep those things under the rug.

However they were just bought out for a rather large sum and plan to live the rest of their lives in luxury.

For Dahlia this would mean that the hollowness would soon be filled with the warmth she's seeked. Or so she hoped at least.

As the warmth of the sun slowly retreated, the two girls were met with an immaculate image of the sun crashing into the horizon.

The cold begins to envelope them.

"Where is that idiot, no one pisses for that long" Dahlia says rather annoyed.

"What the hell could he be doing"

Lynn meekly bursts out "stop calling him names all the time, he's actually a really nice guy..." "He can be as nice as he wants it doesn't make him any less of an idiot" Dahlia replies.

"What you got a thing for him or something, why don't you go find him and get him to make fire already then. I'm freezing my tits off out here" Dahlia crudely exclaims, shivering.

Lynn stomps off towards the rocks rather embarrassed. "Why do you have to be such a bitch all the time! I thought we were friends.."

"Ughh whatever she'll get over it, everyone only cares about my money anyway she'll come crawling back soon" Dahlia sighs "It's sooo cold" she begins holding herself for warmth.

A bloodcurdling scream breaks through the cold air like a rock through glass. Dahlias first instinct is to run but she sees a shady figure standing on the hill grinning at the ocean.

The figure is slowly greeted by many more of all shapes and sizes all with the same damnable grin, accompanied by a melancholic chanting in a language now unknown.

A new feeling greets the young sheltered girl, a feeling of dread so deep it shakes her very core.

The moon slowly begins to show, bloody and cold.

The young girl frantically escapes towards the rock formation in hopes of finding some companionship, or even a meat shield if it comes to that.

What she finds is nothing, her friends gone. She begins to panic, being completely unprepared.

Anxiety begins forming like a rock in her throat. She freezes in place, finding it hard to breath.

"What the hell is this" she chokes out "Dahl isn't the moon sooo prettyyy" the voice sounds familiar but off. Dahlia turns to see her friends staring at the seemingly ever growing moon.

"Guys please we have to get out of here there's some weird ass cult over there" she says with tears in her eyes.

Her friends won't look back at her, entranced by the sanguine orb in the sky.

"I'm serious we have to get the hell out of here right now"

She smells something rotting, and begins to retch.

Her friends turn and begin walking towards her stumbling almost.

As she looks up to the two figures standing before her, the smell intensifies.

She sees garbage and a black ooze protruding from their orifices. Her eyes widen realizing there's something rising from the ocean.

All her very being can muster is absolute dread and a scream, but even that fades.

As she realizes the depth of a primal fear, the abomination slowly makes it's way towards the beach, completely blocking out the sky.

It screams in agony, it's very body not being a physical possibility.

A postulating mass of flesh and trash cruelly melded together, seething anger towards the world that led to it's creation is all the beast feels.

It's siren song echoes as all on the beach join in revelry, their minds broken. Dahlia looks at the beast feeling its warmth. "Mother...Father...

Please help me" as the rancid pile of flesh descends onto the beach, it's arms embrace her. She smiles feeling the warmth she seeked in her final moments.

Such a being shouldn't exist, and perhaps humanity is due retribution. They are all devoured by the creature, as it marches towards the city under the sanguine sky.

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