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anushkapragya17 Indian; sixteen; poetry is my solace!
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My entry for Poetry Slam 2016! Do show your love thorough the precious votes!! :)


by anushkapragya17

I wish we had memories of the days, When the world was a different place; When pain and sorrow did not exist, When care and affection, we didn't resist.

I wish we had memories of the times, When there was no fear of dreadful crimes; When no one was against anyone's life, When to beautify others' world, we did strive.

I wish we had memories of a place, Where women could maintain their safety with grace; Where their self-respect wasn't put to stake, Where their peace of mind wasn't given a shake.

I wish we had memories of people with concern, Who, for gaining light, didn't put confidants to burn; Who didn't take a price for helping others, Who thought of folks as their genuine brothers

I wish we had memories of a world, Which didn't let the poor, on the roads to be curled; Which gifted everyone with equal possession, Which didn't discriminate against the weaker section.

I wish for these memories to be true, But how can they be created out of the blue? For ages, we have never made attempts, To turn our thoughts into real moments.

Well it's never too late to begin this task, A helping hand from you, I regardfully  ask; If today we swear to efface grief and sorrow, Each moment can be made a precious memory tomorrow!

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