Happy As Hell
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anushkapragya17Indian; sixteen; poetry is my solace!
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Happy As Hell

by anushkapragya17

The angel stroked my hair lovingly, encouraging me to let it all out. And I, feeling lucky to have her, started speaking without any doubt.

I told her all my secrets, thinking that the burden would go, With no hesitation, I don't know why, I unraveled everything with the flow.

She nodded assuring me, soothingly, that things will be alright. I smiled widely, feeling that now, no insecurities, I'd have to fight.

"Please don't tell them to anyone," I said when she turned to leave, "Don't worry, they're safe with me," she said, and her words I did believe.

"Your life will be happy as 'hell' now," she exclaimed, to which I frowned, But her blood-red eyes showed me the demon she actually was, when she turned around.

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