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anushkapragya17Indian; sixteen; poetry is my solace!
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Bright and Beautiful Light

by anushkapragya17

Why do I feel so lonely inside?! Why can't I find anyone by my side?! People are around me, I very well know; But they only see the face that I myself show.

No one has actually seen the real me; Maybe they haven't really tried hard to see. To see what's going on, in this dear heart; With all its pieces slowly, falling apart.

I've almost always succeeded in fixing others' hearts; Bt fixing myself, no, I just can't.

I always give a bright smile, whenever I meet someone; But the tear behind that smile, is hidden from every person.

Not that I try to pity myself; But at least, I thought, I deserved a little help. Some help in getting rid of the pain I always bear; But every time I look around, I find no one there.

Never have I known, whom should I trust; 'Cause those I once did, had given me pure disgust.

In need of a person, with whom everything I can share; Without getting back, such kinds of despair.

I so wish I could just once rewind that ugly past; To make this guilt go away from me fast.

Guilt of confiding in the filthiest people possible; Those who have actually, always been responsible.

For shattering my faith in love and loyalty; For making me a subject to their never-ending enmity.

But I dwell in a hope, that things will turn right; Taking me away from this horrible fright.

There will be an end to this dark and scary night; Showing my heart a way to the bright and beautiful light.

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