Alone No More
Alone No More not alone stories

anushkapragya17 Indian; sixteen; poetry is my solace!
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Alone No More

Sit beside me, Give me your hand, Speak your heart out, I'm listening.

Even when words fail, Look into my eyes. Into your troubled soul, I'm peeking.

Don't cower away, I'm there with you, Things from your perspective, I'm seeing.

However long it takes, Even if numerous nights, To hear it, up all night, I'm staying.

You're not alone, darling, A connection, strong as ever, Between my soul and yours, I'm establishing.

I won't say, "it'll all be fine," For I know it won't be, But the needed love and support, I'm giving.

Life seems dark, I know it does, So to bright it up for you, I'm shining.

You've had enough of pain, With all the woes and worries, To soothe you, your heart I'm caressing.

Don't keep it to yourself anymore, I'm all eyes and ears for you, To let you count on me, I'm dying.

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