A Journey Worthwhile
A Journey Worthwhile  stories

anushkapragya17Indian; sixteen; poetry is my solace!
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A Journey Worthwhile

by anushkapragya17

At times, I am afraid while everything I do, The demeaning voice inside me, seems to be saying true.

I become afraid of the world forgetting me, Scared, that after I'm gone, just a 'someone' I'd be.

I find the possibility of not being missed, really scary, The mere thought of oblivion starts making me weary.

Not that I would surely do something great in life, But still, at least, to bring a difference, I shall always strive.

Difference in everything which we know, isn't right, A change, even if small, to show the world, a brighter side.

An attempt to bring us all together in this change, Every person possible to be brought inside this range.

If hands are held with love, the impact would always stay, And even when I'm gone, others would miss the role I play.

That is when, actual success to me would come, That is when, my life, a journey worthwhile, would become.

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