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Another spooky tale which will make you shiver.


I was sixteen when this creepy incident occurred . I and my cousins decided to visit our old aunt who lived in Cookham , a small town in London to see if she was doing well .

She was neither answering our calls nor replying to our letters . But little did we know about the impending shock of our life . We were visiting her after a long time. As we reached there we were shocked on seeing the poor condition of the garden.

The plants had dried and not a single green leaf could be seen contrary to the garden we had witnessed some years back , filled with vibrant flowers and tall ,fruit laden trees.

But then we remembered the old age of our aunt and thought that it must be difficult for her to maintain it.

We called her out but no one answered and then suddenly the door opened with a creaking sound . I peeped inside but no one was to be seen . I and my 3 cousins went inside . The hall was dark .

I reached out for the light switch but none were working. I went to open the curtains but suddenly I heard a scream," you moron! don't even dare to let the light in" .

I turned around and saw my aunt sitting in the corner of the room. She appeared to be fragile and shivering with cold. I was taken aback. We all ran towards her. She was as thin as a rail. One could easily make out her skeleton structure. Tears rolled down my eyes. We carried her to the bedroom. The entire house was a mess and was stinking.

We consulted the doctor over phone as she was screaming and shouting at the thought of the doctor visiting her.

As per the doctor's instructions we gave her the medicines but after facing great difficulties created by her. After a few days she started recovering .

One evening when we were sitting in the hall, the telephone rang. I went to pick it up but before I could do so ,aunt picked up the telephone . "Please leave them ...pppplease i beg you " saying this she hung the phone . We were confused. After asking she told that there is a soul who wants our body to enter the physical world .

We all trembled on hearing this. We obviously did not believe it and said that it must be prank call but aunt was stuck on her point .

At night while sleeping I felt as if someone touched my back. I thought that it must be one of my cousins but then suddenly the hands took hold of my neck and started choking me.

I struggled to save myself and by God's grace one of my cousin got up and helped me out by hitting a vase on the strangers head and when we switched on the lights we were shocked to see aunt lying on the floor. My own Aunt attacked me! the aunt who loved me the most. I was shattered . Then I mustered up courage and called the cops as well as the doctor .

On telling the police about the phone call , they checked the telephone and told us something that shook us. They said that the telephone wire was cut and the telephone had not been in use since a month. The doctor said that due to old age , my Aunt had lost her mind. It was difficult to believe.

The police consoled us and went . I helped my cousins to sleep.

The next day, in the evening I was busy preparing the dinner for my cousins and my poor aunt in the hospital when a thought clicked me.

If the phone was dead then how did it ring?!!!! I was thinking about it when the phone rang again ..........we all ran out of the house and did not even looked at it .

It has been 12 years since the occult incident and till date I am horrified when any phone rings.

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