Ganesh Chaturthi Special
Ganesh Chaturthi Special hinduism stories

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want to know about the stories on lord ganesh?


Ganesh Chaturthi Special



On the banks of the river Phalguni a Puja of lord Ganesh was being done.At the same time the sage who was performing the puja saw one woman standing near him.

Seeing at her he thought that she might be from an affluent family but her face was filled with worry and disinterestedness.

Her eyes were filled with tears That sage felt pitiable by seeing at that lady and was filled with compassion and asked her “Oh holy woman who are you? From where and why have you come?

If you have any longing you can tell me.varada is efficient to fulfill it.

That lady started crying and said “Oh holy sage I am maalavaa country king chandrasena’s wife Sunita.

The king who was great in providing justice to people loyal and had utmost strength loved me.Since I did not conceive he took my permission and got married again.

After wards he showed interest in her only and was involved with her.He started rejecting me and my sister isolated and kept me ,treated me like a servant.

Then she gave birth to a beautiful boy.He was named padmasena all his rites took place according to the rituals.

After he pursued his education his marriage took place with Madra country’s princess.Holy sage afterwards my husband with all of his family members went to Gaya to complete some rites.

After finishing religious rites she got tired and took rest on a cot.I was doing service to him.There my sister came abused me, she kicked me.

I felt ashamed and couldn't bear that and thought of ending my life, left that Palace and came here .

I was thinking to end my life by jumping to the river Narmada then I could hear some chants being recited and seeing at the puja that was being done I came here.

”Now you tell me which god are you worshipping? If I do this will all my sorrows go away?

”The sage heard this and seeing at her pitiable condition answered “Rani,we are doing the Puja of lord Ganesh he will set aside all your obstacles and is efficient to fulfill all your desires.

If you do the puja of lord Ganesh all your sorrows will be diminished soon.

Hearing this that sage asked her to sit down and after the completion of the Puja offered her prasada .

Then Rani took a Sankalpa of performing Puja and left that place thinking of lord Ganesh. Then Rani Sunita went for shibira and sat.

Her decision of committing suicide could not be known by anyone.

When the king chandrasena returned to his Palace Then his thoughts were changed and he said to himself that my first wife did not conceive what is wrong in that? She was so pious .

Therefore the way my second wife treats to Sunita is improper and is not just.Assuming in this way, he started seeing after her.

Seeing at the effect of her Sankalpa related to the doing of vrata Sunita became restless and kept that vrata performed it accordingly and got that done through Rajguru bharadwaja.

Then she invited the king .The king asked his second wife madanaavati to go to her palace But madanaavati out of jealousy did not go with the king and she reached there all alone .

Then rani sunita got happy at the arrival of her husband.

Then she sat along with her husband then started doing the puja of Ganesh with devotion, hymns aarati, pradakshine [circumbulation].

After all this she fed Brahmins and maharshi bharadwaja sumptuously and gave them dakshine.

Rani Sunita celebrated this festival and since the king was participating in it rani madanaavati became angry and rejected the king.

Then the king left madanaavati and started to live with his first wife sunita. As the time passed rani sunita got conceived by the blessing of Ganesh.

Now the king got happy and planned to perform the puja of Ganesh in the palace which belonged to sunita then invited his second wife madanaavati also but she did not turn up as she was angry.

After the puja the king himself went to madanaavati palace to give her the prasada but she refused to take the Prasaada.

The king felt ashamed and returned to his wife’s palace .There madanaavati became a leper due to which the king gave her up.

Here Rani Sunita became a mother of a son and they made a big celebration regarding this. His birthday was celebrated like anything.All the rituals were carried out in time.

As the king was happy Purohit, Brahmins and guests were given Dakshine and sumptuous meals He was named Lakshapada. Now Rani Madanaavati became most unhappy.

When she did not get any solution she went and told her sister “you please forgive me and remove all my sorrows”.

Sunita became compassionate and told her -”sister you have disrespected Ganesh and did not accept the Prasada and had thrown away

Therefore you have become like this. Because of this you have got terrible pain.Now you do that God Ganesha's Puja.

By hearing this she took Sankalpa regarding the doing of Ganesh vrata and Pooja.

As a result of that she became free from that disease and then after that both the Queens started to live with love and also she lived with the King doing the puja of Ganesh happily.

Because of the vrata they made they could reach the Abode of lord Ganesh

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