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Adults see a 15 year old child as a child that still has so much to learn from the world. But what if they didn’t know the life of the child?

Age Is Just a Number

Adults see a 15 year old child as a child that still has so much to learn from the world.

But what if they didn’t know the life of the child?

What if they didn’t know the level of difficulty that the child has gone through to get to where they are at.

Most children have their life easy and just have to worry about homework and getting good grades.

But what about the children that don’t have their life that simple, but just put on a mask and say they do.

If people were to just take time to actually listen to a child that has gone through a lot.

They’ll hear the child’s screams that have been going on for a while.

If they were to look deep into the eyes of the child, they’ll see the hurt that they are keeping locked inside..

They’ll see that as each day goes by, without telling anyone.

The child is becoming less and less of a child and more of an adult, without wanting to but has no other choice.

A child shouldn’t become an adult at a young age.

They should have be able to make mistakes and learn from them,

have fun with friends, have a great time with their family.

Instead the child is stressing over things that they shouldn’t be stressing about

. The child is scared of people that they should look up to, but they do. They have scars to hide, and have pain to feel.

When trying to tell people that they need help.

That they are getting hurt and mistreated, and want it to stop, because they don’t want to take drugs to take the pain away,

or let the pain drive them to do something stupid that might have them leave this world earlier than when they should leave.

Instead of helping, most people look at them different.

And cast them into an outsider for being different, because they don’t believe that a kid at the age of 15 knows what all that feels like.

The people are scared of what they are hearing.

So their help to the child is, “it’ll get better.”

Or ignore what they are told and believe that the child is making it up, to get attention.

So the child soon learns not to tell anyone of the pain that is eating them up and covers up who they truly are, so that people accept them.

They tell people they are good and stay distant from becoming too close to them, in fear that their cover will be broken, or in fear that they will get hurt.

They soon start to live the lies that are flowing out of their mouth.

To the point where they believe that they are actually living in the big lie they have created.

Time passes, with that the child changes to act like an adult, and not the way their age should act.

But along with time passing, the child meets new people.

Most have a life that is good, but then there are the ones that say they have a good life, but have that look in their eyes that show “I am lying to you, how I have lied to others.”

When seeing this, harsh winds blow in the memories that the child had covered up, and the feelings that they have blocked out for so long.

Looking the person in the face, they tell them “you don’t have to lie to me, I know the pain and feeling, it’s ok I won’t tell.

But I’ll do my best to help you, because deep down we both know that no adult will help because we are only 15 and supposable don’t know the feeling of hurt.”

Adults say they can help when kids are down, but when the children try to reach out, most of the adults just give them advice,

that really don’t do anything for the kids and don’t help the child for what they are going through.

No one can help the child unless they open their eyes to see all the hurt their in and sympathies it or are in the same boat as the child.

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