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This is a story, at least this is what I want it to be, about two things totally different from each other. Two things that are separated by the whole world. Something that is impossible, even in a story. Shall we start?

Up and down

This is a story, at least this is what I want it to be, about two things totally different from each other. Two things that are separated by the whole world.

Something that is impossible, even in a story. Shall we start?

Did you thought how the stars never touched the earth? It's impossible, right? What if I told you that it happened? Would you believe me? Well....*laughs*...of course not.

Let me tell you a story about a star, fallen for a mundane girl.

One night, when the lonely Moon sparkled in all its glory, on the beautiful dark blue sky, surrounded by the little shards of lights. You will think: "The Moon isn't lonely.

It has the stars" Well...yes. It has the stars, but they have themselves. The Moon is an ideal far out of their league. It's a superior to their "race".

Just the thought of it is too much for them. As the Moon looked down to the human world. How happy they were, in their small world, full of imperfections.

It considered the human's world was a mistake, a mistake made for the Moon to laugh about it. What Moon laughed about? It laughed about the way that humans made their life heavier.

The confessions it witnessed, full of love at the beginning but at the end, hate conquered. As funny as it was, sometimes the Moon saw the sad part of it.

The tears the people shed for their loved ones. The Moon couldn't understand, how it felt was a mistery for it to solve.

"It's sad" the Moon thought "How can a person love another one, so much to fall so deep in darkness, to spend days on trying to forget about them, but at the small sign of the other one,

everything will be long forgotten" the things the Moon witnessed couldn't be understood.

As it looked around more, something caught its attention. A small family, a mom and a daughter, looking up at it. The small girl was such a delightf to look at her.

Curly blonde hair, down to her small back, covering her little shoulders. Beautiful big ocean eyes looking with such an admiration. The Moon could swear she was an angel fallen on the Earth.

It watched her closer.

"Mommy?" she called


"Why the Moon is so lonely?" the small girl asked

Her mom pause a little, thinking of an answer.

"Well, my mommy used to tell me that long time ago, when the Moon was a human, it had a lover.

Unfortunately, their relationship was not welcomed by God, so he broke them up, putting a curse on them.

The lover remained a human but the Moon, was turned in a star, cursed to search for each other."

The little girl chuckled "Mommy, it isn't a star"

"Nobody knows what it is. I called it a star because it lights like one. Right?"

"Mhm" the girl mumbles "So what happened after that?"

"It says that the Moon still searches for it's lover"

"That's sad."

The Moon huffs. It wasn't true, the story, but it was to its liking. The girl was smart, very interesting for her age.

"MOON!!" it hears, looking down to the voice "YOU WON'T BE LONELY ANYMORE. I WILL BE YOUR FRIEND." the little girl shouted

It was funny, it admits, but loves the enthusiasm.

The girl was something, it catched its attention. It won't be bad if it will continue to watch over her.

After 15 years, the Moon still watched her. Angel, as it heard her name was, become more beautiful than before, she grown so well and quite a catch for the eye.

The Moon grown fond of her, and little by little it fell in love with her. For the Moon, Angel was the gold between the pieces of charcoals. Special in her eyes, pure as her name suggested.

Angel's love was just a dream for the Moon, far way from reality. Until one night. The girl stood outside, on the balcony, looking at the stars. She always liked them, the astrology in general.

"Oh, Moon, it's a thought far from being true. How can I be with someone who doesn't exist? Your an ideal and I'm just a mundane human, unfit for your perfection." she confessed

This was cruel, actually, this was torture and for the first time, Moon knew how the stars felt.

"What am I doing? Confessing to a star. Isn't foolish enough?" she turns, going inside

"Is foolish for me too." the Moon murmurs "What I want, I can't do. I'm foolish for falling in love with you. We're so different, up and down, sky and earth, a star and a human.

How can this work? When the second I lay my eyes of you, you'll forget about me. Is it worth it? To give my immortality for love?" the Moon says, words full of sorrow.

This wasn't a simple love story. Not at all, this was the consequence of her mistake. A love far away from being achieved. Perfection is a curse.

What the Moon will do now? As it watched the girl's room, the light was off. The Moon enters in the girl's dream world, searching for her dream self. When it finds her, the girl is speechless.

She tries to run to the Moon, but something stops her, she tries to shout her words but finds out she is out of voice.

"Wait for me." she hears and next second she is awake. Quite a short and weird dream. Will she wait? Was her imagination?

She gets up from her bed, going to the balcony. She looks at the Moon for the last time in this night. "Can I wait?" she asks herself.

So right now, what will the continuation be? Will she wait for her Moon? Or get over her love for perfection?

The Moon waited and waited, for years and years, it waited. Everyday it searched for her in the crowds, and everynight it waited for her voice to come.

At some point, the Moon felt that it was a fool, a fool in love, waiting for a miracle.

"My sweet Angel, I'm a fool in love, waiting for mercy from my Creator, to give you to me. And I wait and I wait, and search and search but can't find you anymore.

Did forgot about me? My sweet star, was all a dream? Was I an ideal to far for your reach? 'Cause you were out of my reach."

The Moon watched the humans under it. It became a habit of it. Looking down at them, this time with more understanding. A girl catches her attention.

She had the same blonde hair and ocean eyes as its Angel.

"Whoaaa!!! Mommy look at that star!! It's so bright" the girl exclaims

"A star?" the Moon asks. It looks for the star, and at the sight of it, the Moon's breath is lost.

"My beautiful Moon, did you wait too long?"

For the first time, the Moon cried, the tears coming down its pale cheeks to the jaw. What a wonderful view. Its sweet Angel was beautiful as the first time.

Was this in vain? No, the wait was worth it.

"Mommy, why the Moon is lonely?" the little girl asks

"It's not anymore. That's what my mommy used to tell me."

*I'm sorry for the grammar mistakes

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