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My thoughts of a new Slavic union.

On the subject of Slavia

Slavia-a theoretical alliance of all slav states,bound together by mutual trade,millitary and border alliances.

As a fierce patriot,and a slaviophile of sorts,this idea has occupied my mind for years now.

Seeing our old enemies/brothers/neighbours,the Serbs,boast such fantastic alliance with Russians,without doubt one of the greatest of slavic nations,fills me with agony,for my own nation,

the Croats,have bowed down to the Austrians and Germans for centuries,always hoping to be equals,but alas,always being looked down upon.

Such unification attemps were already been tested,with catastrophic results,examples of which are USSR and the foul cancer of Yugoslavia,

both terrible attempts of herding fierce and proud nations under one banner,a true fools errand.

These days,there are many new constructions,such as EU,a bloated beurocratic beast,hammering down the foundations of Europe of old with its globalist schemes,and NATO,a useless global army,

made to create cannon fodder of poor soldiers for agendas of industrialists in the middle East.The death of my countrymen last year in Iraq is a proof of that.

I belive the alliance between all Slavs is possible,alas with great efforts,mainly from the diplomatic aspects,due to numerous land disputes,as well as historic feuds between us.

However,managing such alliance with so many nations,all so similar in terms of language,culture and mentality,would result in a millitary,

economic as well as cultural force to be reckoned with.Maybe one day...

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