Of culture,heritage,and dangers of the modern world
Of culture,heritage,and dangers of the modern world dubrovnik stories

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A warning to each and every one who loves his home

Of culture,heritage,and dangers of the modern world

I am a Croat.A proud one.

I come from one of the most beautiful cities in the world,the former city state of Dubrovnik,

whose motto "Non bene pro toto Libertas venditur auro/freedom is not to be sold for all the money in the world" rings true to this day.Oh the beauty of my heritage,how grand it used to be.

Our ships crossed the high seas,the riches of both east and west poured into the strong stone walls of our home,

our sailors were among the finest to ever grace the saltwaters of the globe,Medicine,science and the teathre flourished.But i am not here to boast.I come to warn you.

if you are Czech,Russian,Chinese,matters not.My city is ruined by cheap tourism and cheaper junk food.The glory of our ancestors sold to foreigners for peanuts.

To stone walls protecting our home are nothing more than a cheap stage for hollywood diarrhea,from Game of Thrones,Star wars,Robin Hood to many other.

You know not the pain when someone calls your home,home of your ancestors,and future shelter of your offspring by some trivial made up name like "Kings Landing".

Barbershops,butcheries and fish vendors,shoemakers and taylors,gave way to generic third grade souvenier shops,junk food "restaurants" and other horrors of easy money.

Homes filled with laughter,ancient buldings filled with hardworking,cunning and hearty people,are now either vacant or apartments.

Here we shall deter from the subject for a bit,for a piece of information for you to know.The city core is called "The ghetto" by us younger people.

No,not because of americanisation,gangsta rap or something else.

You see,in the dark days of communism,not so long ago,anyone close or running the communist party,got big,comfy,and for that time,modern,apartments,

built in various neighbourhoods away from the core.

Small,crampy and for their believes inedaquate spaces of the core,were given to socially endangered people,low income workers,big and poor families,the "lower" caste.

That was the time my dear mother called the core her home.It is also the last time the City belonged to us-the people.

Children played on the hard stone of the main street of Stradun,air was filled with the smell of fruit and vegetables from the market,the City had both a soul and a beating heart.

We lost what we had.I suppose i should tell you i see hope,but i truly do not.That is why i warn you,be proud and protect what is yours.Do not sell your identity.

Learn about your history,and share the knowledge.Protect and nurture your culture.

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