The Snow
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For her.

The Snow

It’s 2:30 in the morning, and the snow is falling just as fast as I am. Calm as it falls, crashing into the ground with the tiniest impact.

It’s so quite out, I can hear my own heart beat, 1, 2.... 1,2.... 1,2... And for the first time in forever I feel alive.

I watch individual snow flakes fall from the clouds as they make their soft decent to the earth below.

Small specks of cold collide with my face as the snow melts instantly. The earth is beautiful covered with this thick white blanket untouched, unfazed by anything in its path.

It’s so deep, so real, to know that nothing stands in the way of this wonder as it hides the imperfections all around. Beautiful, breathtaking, so cold I ignore the frostbite just to spend one more second in its bliss.

In my eyes I feel as though nothing is more perfect then it’s presence.

It’s you, The snow, crashing into my world with the smallest impact but enough force to displace my irrational thoughts. In your presence my heart moves around like it’s ready to jump out of my chest and give itself to you.

All of our spirits are falling into little pieces, one at a time until We are completely intoxicated with the idea of us. Softly floating to the earth, lost in bliss pending a new day to examine your determination and authenticity.

As I admire your beauty I can’t help but to get lost in those deep eyes, so breathtaking it’s worth the frostbite devouring my being. Nonetheless I stay in awe for you are The Snow.

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