The dark
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antonioluera just here to share my words.
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Small passage about the dark.

The dark

Look out side, it’s the perfect mix of dark and lonely. Not a sign of life for as far as I can see, even through my eyes that have seen darker things.

A normal person would be scared by the presence of the blackness covering the world, maybe it’s the fear of not knowing what’s out there. But I think knowing what’s out there is scarier, Because you spend more time worrying about how to change the inevitable.

Well I don’t, I tend to spend my time more confused about how I let my outlook of life fade to complete darkness. Or even more so how I don’t even care that there is no sign on light in my life.

You see to me everything is dark or at-least has a shadow that follows close behind. Like a constant reminder that there will always be darkness, no matter how well lit the subject is.

So let’s be not be afraid of what we can’t see, but rather the things we do see and refuse to change.

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