my love for you

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my love for you

my heart lights up in flames for you, your the only one i desire, is it late to let out the fire this warmness grows, it grows faster and faster, building up inside of me,

the fire builds up each and every day, and seeing you takes my breath away, every night and every day i think about you, and i can't stop, it like everything i do i think your there,

and every time we kiss it feels like a dream, a dream i don't want to wake up from, when i do wake up and look beside me and see your not there, i then touch my lips and smile, and its been a while,

it's been a while since i smiled, but since i have been with you that has changed, i smile every day and every night, and that warmness inside won't go away, it's like it wants to stay,

even when i go to school and see you at my locker, the warmness is there, and i smile, i know your the one for me and i hope i'm the one for you, you see me and smile, which makes the warmness even warmer,

we then go to the park and talk about our day, and i notice you just listen the words i have to say, you look at me for hours and smile, i look at you and smile, seeing you smile is amazing,

we then kiss and leave to go home, i wish this moment would last forever, but it won't, it will keep going on and on the next day, my love for you will never stop,

because my love for you would never end, i would love you to the ends of the earth and to the ends of time, i love you with all my heart, and i wrote this for you, to show you,

my love will never go away, and would forever stay

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