Tie Me Apart
Tie Me Apart tie stories

antisclxtrovert blinded by light, discovered by darkness
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You fastened the knots. But left yourself out.

Tie Me Apart

Bleeding Clouds Spread the tale of my PAIN On the day you left And on the first of Your reign

You said our hearts They would be Tied But now you’re gone My smile has dried

You said our hearts They would be Tied But I never felt equal Me the groom You the bride

why did you torture me im sorry please come back ill be good this time i promise you stole everything from me i need you here in my arms what made you want to destroy me please i am so alone without you this bed our bed is empty i hate you you disgust me i can never forgive you come back my heart cant forget you

What is this trap You have my heart in The more I pull The more you win

I yearn for the day When I look up to see A sky as blue As the endless sea

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