The Hills

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antisclxtrovert blinded by light, discovered by darkness
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Dunno how to describe this. Enjoy!

The Hills

And it was on that day the fourth of May that God said Bring forth the one who calls himself shameless the one from the hills who dwells only in lost valleys

And Death went on his way to retrieve the one God spoke of And Death arrived and Behold there was no life in sight

And Death returned to God And asked what of the shameless one I cannot bring him for no life lies there

And it was that God spoke I shall imbue him with this life so you can return it to me

And Death asked What of this life that you give just to take away

And God replied You are a fool for without death there is no life and without life there is no death

And Death returned once more to the lost valley within the hills to find the shameless one And he found him sitting alone looking to the sky praying

And it was that the shameless one understood he was in the presence of Death And he asked what has brought you for surely it's not mine you wish to take

And Death declared Shameless fool without life there is no death

And the shameless one spoke for the last time And he said without death there is no life

And Death returned with the one from the hills who understood And God was happy

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