Pain Plated Plate
Pain Plated Plate plate stories

antisclxtrovert blinded by light, discovered by darkness
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you can fashion me-but only i can break me

Pain Plated Plate

That's all that I Ever was to you? You saw me and laughed Your search was through!

Beat me down Can I get any flatter? Serving all you need So here I am-your platter!

Then out it came When will it stop? Your buffet of pain I’m filled to the top!

But you’re a fool And you’re no master For me-this plate here I’m made of glass sir!

So I scoot to the side And shimmy a bit Carrying all the weight Of your dumb shit

As you watch I push myself to fall And then this plate Was no more at all

Beat me forever Down and down But I’ll never be your slave ILL NEVER BE YOUR CLOWN

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