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My first contestEnjoy!


Hi everyone! This is my first attempt at hosting a contest, if people are interested I would love to do many more. Since it is Suicide Prevention Month I wanted to do a contest relating to that, it is a subject thats very important to me.

The rules are simple: 1. The prompt is HOPE 2. Submit a link to your post in the comments below 3. Ends Sep 22nd 4. That is all!

I really do hope this can help others by raising awareness. Feel free to spread the word, the more posts the better! Your post doesnt have to relate to suicide if you dont want, as long as its about hope youre good.

Now on to the WINNERS! First place: You will receive a surprise gift! If you would like to work together or something like that as well, I would be honored to do so. You can decide when the time comes.

Second and Third place: I honestly have no clue lol I will try thinking of something as the week goes on or you can let me know if you have something in mind. If anyone has any ideas please let me know in the comments or DM me thnx.

Thanks so much! Looking fwd to reading all the submissions, hopefully lol 999

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