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anthonycrowley Your Nanny
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A quick poem I wrote for my girlfriend.

I love

I love the way you smile.

How your lips are pink and turned up at the corners.

I love how your eyes scrunch up just the tiniest bit when you smile really big.

I love how your hair falls on your shoulders

without any effort

Okay, maybe a little effort

I love how you get me.

I love how our souls found each other

I love that you're my best friend

I love how you never judge me.

And if you do, it’s silent And probably well deserved

I love how you laugh with me and at me too

I love how you understand me

I love how you make me feel.

I love how you bring out the best in everyone

Including myself

I love how your heart is so pure and open.

I love our memories together

I love how you make me feel better

I love how you look at me.

I love,

How you look,

How you act,

What you love,

I Love You

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