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ant 15| A flower, wilting, before I bloom
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My thoughts and thinking?

What I don't know

Every day I attend the same school

See the same faces

Play the same game.

I'm taught what I'm supposed to know.

What will get me through life, what will help me succeed in the world, but is it enough.

Money is the goal of wisdom, a good idea in the eyes of most means dollars and sales. But money corrupts twice as much as it can help.

Out of all the things I see , I have learned, Out of all the things I know, is that I do not.

My knowledge is reliant on others, what thoughts came from my own head? My feelings are crafted by those around me, placed into my life by necessity of connection, but are these feelings me.

The need for love, is it my own?

My standards, were they really made by me?

My hobbies, the things I see as fun, were they my decision, or was I guided Into the path that best suited others, the path they chose me to be from the path that was chosen for them.

I think now, the first thoughts I can say for sure as my own, that my thoughts in general do not belong to me, are we supposed to think this deep, is that what people want, questions?

The only thing I "know" is what I see and what I'm taught, I learn things the way I am taught to, so what is real and what fake?

I can safely say that all I know, is that I do not.

This is what I have thought in the past and it really bothered me, so I went on a quest, I had an obsession to see things my way to learn things I haven't before.

The biggest thing I discovered is there is so much to learn from those around me, the things they hide, the things they don't see, the wisdom in their lies is my true prize,

and I will learn the things I don't know.

The correct way to see the world is through your own eyes first, and it is this I am doing now, have a voice of your own,

see things through the eyes your given and think about what they mean in the brain you have, enjoy the freedom of thought while you still have it and speak against what you think is wrong,

because if you can't think for yourself, what can you do?

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