The True Prison

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ant 15| A flower, wilting, before I bloom
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The most fun I've had writing a poem

The True Prison

The hunger, overwhelming.

The very idea of escape compelling.

The breath in my lungs is swelling,

Only time will be telling,

How long it takes until my felling.

The time ticking by, not a minute without pain.

From the latch on the door, I could hardly abstain.

The honest desire for freedom, how could one refrain?

The cell need not last, it is just to scatterbrain.

The true prison, is the way they contain,

Your thoughts, your feelings inside your own brain.

My own fear holding me back, like a chain.

Looking in the mirror, I am my own bane.

I am but a smudge to this world, just a stain.

Compared to all others in a field of rice, all I am is a grain.

When I speak of my troubles they all just feign,

My attempts to reach out all end in vain.

To others, I pretend to be sane.

I've tried my best, but I can't explain,

The thought, I daresay I do entertain.

But to me, it's just too much of an eye strain.

So here I lie, still in their domain.

Free will of thought I cannot attain.

But who am I to try to complain?

From this hell, what will they gain?

While they sit high and mighty drinking champagne,

Just like the others I will be slain.

Across the graveyard we will all be lain,

Once all our wills our thoughts go down the drain.

To them our freedom is completely profane,

Our kind they say is but a bloodstain.

“order” they say “order we must maintain,”

And in their holy work to sustain,

What they call is good, it is not humane,

In our minds they ingrain,

their idea of beauty, how it gives me a migraine.

Through fire and flame, here I remain,

Under their pressure. Their power I feel it like a hurricane.

Yet no matter my stress, how hard i train,I can never seem to regain,

The power to cross this harsh terrain.

So here I am, just a mess, i'm insane!

All because they continue to detain

Everything I wish to be, all inside,

All within,

All I cannot confide,

I can’t even begin

We are all alike, we are all one clone,

It is all I've ever known,

It is how i've been grown,

Without a brain of my own.

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