My forsaken throne
My forsaken throne blood stories

ant 15| A flower, wilting, before I bloom
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Unholy thoughts reside amongst the land I hide

My forsaken throne

My forsaken throne,

I am king of the land I regretfully call my own.

Where putrid souls come to die,

And nameless bodies lie.

The land I've covered with blood,

With not a single flower bud.

The air I breathe,

Reeks of disease,

Our hunger, never at ease.

As we quench our thirst at the Lethe.

In my dying land,

I truly feel alive.

In the dark kingdom I command,

The only place I strive.

In this hell,

Is where my problems dwell.

Of every dark thought,

Of the war I've fought.

It is here I've remained

Where my damned soul is chained.

The land where I'm alone

Sorry if my posts are all over the place, inadequate and dark, after all that is my personality:) But insecurities aside I'll try harder in the future I'm just writing some thoughts.

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