Inflicting pain
Inflicting pain  pain stories

ant 15| A flower, wilting, before I bloom
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Inflicting pain

What is this world without Pain? There's so many people out there, That want to see a blood stain. Pain is everywhere. You can't avoid it.

Trust me, I've tried. It hurts every time it hits. It never changes, I lied.

I am young, I didn't know. I am among, Those who show,

The scars I wave around How hard I've bound Myself down to a ritual Of hurt and heal.

It became normal It was always the same, Always personal and I wasn't to blame.

But when I hurt someone. I felt it more than I should. I thought I was done. I never thought I could.

I was constantly hurt by those around me. I never thought I would be amoung them. To deliver the pain, to be, to see what it's like to be the stem, The petals and the roots of the problem.

I didn't think it was possible, to hurt this much. I have hurt before, but it was not like this this was new, I was the cause of such, Such devastation.

I can't hide behind my rhymes anymore I've hurt myself bad, and Its because I brought someone into the spotlight, right under the gunfire.

I'm watching behind a shield as I shoved a friend, someone I looked up to into impending doom. I felt immense pain and guilt but I could care less, wounds heal. But his might not.

My guilt is eternal, and it's only fair, not even, because I'm still hiding, watching him get hurt so bad makes me feel worse than I could do to myself, and yet I did.

I can't even imagine how he feels, I'm too young and selfish so I hide still. I can't reverse the damage I've done, but I can only hope he will get better.

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