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ant 15| A flower, wilting, before I bloom
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A poem I wrote to motivate myself long ago

Carry on

In our waking moment We are reminded of our lives. Reality is the confinement From achieving the goals we strive Your dreams, unfulfilled. Memories, lost in time. Passion and joy killed In the everlasting crime Of not living your life.

There's more for you out there, Positivity, if only you could see. So much to achieve, happiness to spare, Nobody knows this more than me. Yet, I said, maybe later, I did not dare dig out of my pit of misery.

what's left to live for? Why should I care? I can't take it anymore, My feelings are unspared. Life is cruel. I am only a tool But who's the one to wield me?

Any moment could be your last, We often forget, life goes so fast. If you can't recover It's crushing blows, You will on suffer Amongst your woes, To never succeed again.

Don't waste your years. Don't waste your breath. Save your tears, Until your death. There's always more work to do.

If I don't stand up now, No One will do it for me. Yet I ask myself, how? It's impossible, can't you see?

The only failure is not moving on, Things of the past, are now gone. The only mistake, Is not to take, Every opportunity for your own.

There's more to do, so much to see. You need only the will to be, The one to succeed, To take as your own Each chance your given Until you're shown, Until you're driven, Out of your hole,

You will not know What you can control, What you can show, What you can achieve, If only you ever dare to believe.

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