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ansoo Just a 22 year old hopeless romantic boy
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Letting someone into your temple.


My heart was falling for you but my mind knew it was too good to be true. My heart welcomed you in with open arms. My heart let you make a home for yourself in a place so sacred and dear to me yet my heart did not question it.

My mind however knew, knew that a unfamiliar person has entered onto the sacred grounds of “my heart.” My mind knew that this was something out of a fairytale. Those bed time stories you read to your kid at night. Those magical moments that only happen in movies or novels. My mind was fooled and lead astray to your arrival. My mind had its doubts and questions but never followed through with them. It’s walls and safeguards had been torn down to let you in.

My mind did this because it knew you were good for me. Great for me actually and it needed and wanted that for my heart. My heart had scars and wounds from past hardships, but you looked past all that and saw me for me. You didn’t care about the physical aspects or the past pains. You didn’t take any of that in vein.

like all amazing moments and fairytales things must come to an end. Some happily ever after some in tears and sorrow. This unfortunately is neither happy or sad but just a test to my my mind and my heart to never trust somebody unwilling to enter into my sacred place of serenity and peace, and I thank you for that, but My Mind failed me. From that My Heart suffered the consequences.

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