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ansoo Just a 22 year old hopeless romantic boy
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This was a short writing i did a while back from a past past heartbreak. My first one actually. I feel it’ fits perfectly for the innocent topic for today. My heart then was so innocent and pure before all the pain it had gone through.


The day I met you I had a wall that was built high up. For no one but me could open it to let others in. No one has ever stayed this long as you have. You are the first person I have ever let into my heart, not for a certain amount of time, but forever. My mind thought I was letting people in such a sacred place, but only my heart knew who really touched me. See my heart yearned for someone like you for a very long time.

Yet when picking up the pieces that broke me before you came. I had spent years, and months trying to pick those pieces up. To build an art piece that you look back at in awe as any artist would of his or hers master piece. You see this picture, and it doesn't suit you because although it may be perfect to some. It still is broken. So I took a rock to the "perfect" picture and broke it.

I decided to make a new me. A new me who would not let the past consume me like it did to like the past. The past hurt me but also took over me and I couldn't recognize myself. And so for you to enter my world...

I give you the rock and my heart with it. In hopes that you know what to do with them, I really truly do. You are the first and possibly the last person who has ever touched me, mentally, physically, emotionally, and I never want it to stop. So I say this, in a world full of truths, and consequences, I trust you with my heart and my sanity.

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