God and Cancer in the same conversation? Oh no
God and Cancer in the same conversation? Oh no  letstalk stories

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two problematic topics

By: Anonymous

God and Cancer in the same conversation? Oh no

by Anonymous

So what do we think, I mean majority of the conversations involving the idea of death has been attached to this idea of God.

I mean each to their own its not the religious aspect that bugs me but the idea of consoling a cancer patient medically treating them but also thinking about where God is in all this isn't

a difficult conclusion to get to. So where is he if he is out there, I am somewhat religious but at times like this its rather odd to bring the subject of God.

Ive been told not 'to preach' but 'to resonate'. But how? my situation is a lot better than the 3 year old baby being diagnosed with cancer.

Now im not saying that im not sympathetic to those who unfortunately have this disease, but being realistic.

With all this considered faith gives hope and hope is what people need to get through the day, but is faith enough? is it enough for you to accept that children are dying?

that some just have cancer?

Hope is nice. Faith is nice. But is it a sufficient?

Just a thought.


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