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Grateful I am no longer In a situation like this. But If you are, please know there are resources, help, and support like this hotline:
My inbox is also open.

All I know.

All I know is

bend and pull.

Familiar comfort found

In the jaded glass

As it rests

On my throat

Your voice shakes

But I don't hear a word

I'm blinded by your kindness

Caught by surprise

How considerate of you-

The markings fashion

a new design

I've been needing something different.

Familiar is still found

The slipping of the fingers

Then the "accident"

The false safety

The soothing hands

The gas poured

Til the flames join our dance

Devouring every last bite

Licking the bone china clean.

Then you take my hand

And promise me

A new you

A new day

I keep waiting

And It's always the same.

Maybe we're cursed.

Maybe that's okay.

I believe your words.

It keeps me curious

Going all in

On this fragile fate

Empty voices

and tear stained eyes

Death threats

and red-lettered lies

Living our horror

And your dream

In our chaos

Waiting for your

new beginning

In my breaking

Til I reach my end


Yes, tomorrow.

we can roll the dice again.

It's all I have

It's all I know

So for now,


From me and

All my love

And the midnight oil

May it stay a flame

Til your promises run dry.

Then maybe

I won't be as generous.

That was the last time.

Before the last time.

And the time before.

But it's true,

You remind me often,

I love you.

A promise.

A threat.

A painful lullaby.

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