The High
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You're so high, basically always.

The High

You're so high,

basically always.

I worry I cant rely

on you, as you gaze

into my eyes.

So red, so dilated,

feeling so ignored

practically isolated

from you... Lord.

I can't take it anymore,

finding you on the floor

wondering if you're dead or alive.

Doing more when you're bored

without a care in the world.

I want to help you and see you thrive,

but you keep pushing me closer to the door.

This isn't the real you,

It's the drugs talking.

I remember when we first met,

going to clubs,

so I guess its not shocking.

You got hooked on the scene and everything in between.

We are going to be a family soon,

so you need to get clean,

do it for the baby if not for yourself.

You didn't make it that long,

it seemed like a dream.

You were doing so good, staying so strong.

All it took was one slip,

for everything to go wrong.

A needle in your hip,

and our baby in the womb.

I lost you both that day

and cant bare to move on

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