To the furry one that I loved.
To the furry one that I loved. family stories

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This was purely for my benefit ♥️

To the furry one that I loved.

Your beautiful soft fur. Your legs like stiletto heels. Your eyes speaking all. Your tail clinging to my arm as you pass. Your melodic call saying good morning

You stayed up until we were all in bed so that you could make sure we were safe. You would ‘mother’ us when we were ill You told us when there were guests that you hadn’t invited even though we had.

And yet, because of fate, you can no longer be here. Out of all the cats, you were the one made to go.

I’m so sorry Sally. I’m so sorry. It shouldn’t have been your time. You should’ve had another six years to go.

I wish you the best. You are truly family. You were there for me for eight beautiful years. You brought peace and happiness into our family.

One day, I hope to see you again. I hope to see your beautiful soul once again.

You may not be human but to me, that never mattered. Your were kind, thoughtful and caring. You were the motherly figure our family never had. I would never wish for you to go through the pain you did.

I love you Sally. I always will. Rest in Peace.

A few other photos of this angelic cat- These are pretty much just for my benefit but I thought I would put them up here anyway. She didn’t really like her photo taken but all the photos in this post are of her and in chronological order.

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