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anonymous777 Community member
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He had powerful eyes.

Those eyes

I did not believe it at first. I thought it was quite strange how you'd stare, and your conscious was shifted into the abyss.

I was quite intrigued though you seemed so interest in your own thoughts, rather than present time itself. And then you stared at me in the same manner.

It was almost as if I knew everything you felt, what your soul felt, as if we were one.

Your eyes spoke words your mouth could not quite compute.

And then you looked at me in rather more relief than confusion on how I knew so well what you had kept so secretly locked behind an obsidian wall.

With those eyes I felt safe and loved, and a soul connection that was indescribable.

An unbreakable bond was reunited once more, like as if it were lost forevermore but in some such unanimously way, it revitalized.

But then for a last time you looked at me with nothingness in your eyes. And then hatred consumed them, with no sympathy in sight.

No recollection of who I was and what I was, and with that, you were gone.

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