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Young and true Love at its finest.

First Love

We were young. We were young and naive to the thing that they called love. So desperate we both were to have just a slither of that bittersweet apple everyone put it out to be.

We made something out of nothing and that something eventually turned into chaos. We should have listened and stayed away from the infatuation of love.

We should have never piqued our curiosity, but I was 13 and you were 14, and we were dying from the angst of feeling more.

But everyone has to fall in love someday, because that's what first loves are for; trial and error, and a sudden crash and burn of emotions.

Its been over two years now, I'm 16 and your going to turn 17 soon. Were strangers now, strangers that know everything about each other, but we still know nothing.

We matured differently and on our own pace. I'm distinguishingly different than what you met me as and you are too.

Maybe that's just It, we can't come to terms with how neither of us are now, because we simply are holding on to what we used to be.

It was kids love, but it was still real love as how we used to know it. It was the most vivid type of love because it was the only one we've ever experienced.

Even though our concept of love has changed we'll always look back to our love as how it was and not adjusting it to how were growing up to believe it is. Hence why it was destined to end.

I'm no longer upset for our love ending because I no longer am confused on why it did. We deserve better and we will receive it.

There will be many new chapters in our lives with many new encounters with people who will understand us as how we once understood each other to be.

We'll simply look back to this love as the one that made us who we are and will be the epic tale we tell our lineage.

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