The Bloody Angel #01
The Bloody Angel #01 crime stories

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This story is about a teenager discovering his investigation and deduction skills in his first murder case while on a vacation.

The Bloody Angel #01


Dark everywhere I think I am lost someone is yelling wake up come on wake up wait is that light finally light.

Wow that was a really weird dream it was so real, I think...

Father: you are awake?

Me: huh yeah, are we there yet?

Father: not yet we are going to be there in less than 20 mn but first we have to fill the gas.

Me: how long are we going to stay anyway?

Father: as long as you want to, (he looked at me smiling) I used to go there with your uncle and my father we did a lot of fishing, my old man loved that cabin and stayed there for weeks,

but your uncle and I preferred the village, Deliware is just a half hour far on foot, maybe we can pass by so you can see where your father used to make troubles.

Staying in a wooden cabin by a lake and fishing with dad is a good way to rest from the college noise and madness plus I have time to think about what I am going to do

after college; I hate noise I am the kind of people who doesn't get friends easily and rarely open up to someone I have pleasure in reading crime novels while drinking a hot cup of coffee,

and my dad is a famous psychologist wrote some famous books so basically I am having a therapy session everyday about everything in my life.

We stopped at the gas station, I entered the store searching for some chips I was starved.


V reporter: as the police report clarified the victim was found in his house strangled with no clues that can identify the murderer,

the police declared that it was a robbery murder in other news...

I asked the cashier about the crime, he's an old man in the 60's, judging by the gunpowder on his sleeve and the rifle hanging behind him I would say he is a deer hunter and he is still hunting.

The cashier: young man Deliware is a peaceful town and nothing like that happened here before, I think times have changed and it's not as safe as it was, you need to be careful.

That was creepy I am having some bad vibes already but I will try to have fun in the end it's a vacation.

We got to the cabin it was old but strong, when I got in; the first thing that caught my eye is the fireplace on the right,

do people still burn wood these days I think it's dangerous to set fire in an old fireplace, but the rest of the cabin is nice there was a kitchen on the left and stairs leading to the bedrooms,

it's very quiet outside as there is no neighbors or roads just a small lake and trees.

My dad and I had dinner on a table near the fire place , while planning for hiking tomorrow morning.

Father: get your stuff ready before you sleep, don't read too much we should get up early oh and we have a guide she is coming tomorrow at 6:00 AM we should be ready then.

Me: a guide? Do we need her we have a map.

Father: yes but still we could get lost it's a large forest.

Someone knocked at the door.

Father: sit I am going to answer it,He opened the door.

Father: yes how can I help you?

Stranger: I am sorry I got lost as I was hiking and it's really late, is there any motel near or a place I can stay the night in.

Father: you can stay the night here and go back tomorrow.

Stranger: thank you sir I will be out of here at sunrise I promise.

They walked in and dad introduced me to the stranger, Mr. Morgan was a tall black man with a white beard and no hair, I can reckon he drinks much from his breath.

After finishing my dinner and packing up for hiking I went to sleep.


I woke up in the morning at 6:00 got downstairs and found my dad in the kitchen.

Me: Mr. Morgan has gone already?

Father: yeah he wasn't here when I woke up.

Me: why are you in pajamas we should go.

Father: I don't think I can go, I caught a cold.

Me: well its freezing cold in here, no wonder you caught a cold, I guess we have to delay the hike to another day.

Father: no the guide is waiting for us, you should go.

Me: I can't leave you alone like this.

Father: I'll be fine it's a simple cold I will drink some hot tea and sit by the fireplace and I'll get back in no time.

Me: well at least let me lit the fire. I set the wood on fire, took my hiking stuff and gone out.

It was cold and a bit foggy; the forest was so calm and peaceful, I walked for 15 mn to get to the meeting point with the guide, the location was marked in the map.

Dad told me that the guide is a daughter of an old friend of his; she works in a pharmacy in deliware and used to be in the scout that's why she volunteered.

I got to the meeting location but she wasn't there I was late 15 mn couldn't she wait a little longer?

So after searching for her a bit I decided to get back home, as I was walking I saw something that looks like a mannequin leg but who would throw a mannequin wearing a shoe,

when I got close to inspect and saw her face I was shocked.

What the hell it's a woman, there was blood everywhere on her and strangely I could notice her dress that was once white before it was painted by her blood,

I froze but eventually I woke up from the shock and figured that I should see if she is still alive although with this amount of blood she would certainly be dead.

As I got near the body my hand was shaking my heart was beating as fast as a prey's heart while being eaten by the predator, obviously she was murdered by a knife, several stabs in the chest ,

I touched her neck veins with two fingers there was no beat but I could notice , she is still warm!

It was freezing cold but the body was warm plus why didn't I see her before,

I should have noticed her when I was in my way to the meeting earlier that means the murder just happened and the murderer is still close, before leaving I took her necklace so they believe me,

it was a golden necklace written on its back "TS".

I ran back to the cabin to call the police, as I was running all what I was thinking is that I left her alone it felt so wrong but I guess I am just shocked therefore I am not thinking straight.

When I got to the cabin and opened the door I saw Mr.

Morgan standing close to the stairs and the cashier from before sitting with a young woman in the kitchen who had a hiking bag and wore boots probably our guide,

I didn't give them much attention as I was searching for my father to tell him about the body.

Me: where is my father?

Mr. Morgan: he's upstairs, I really need to talk to him can you tell him that I am in a rush.

I got upstairs before knocking at the door, my father opened the door wearing a suit with a smile on his face.

Me: what is happening? Why are you wearing a suit?

Father: well the mayor heard that "the golden age" writer is in town so he invited me as an honor guest to the reunion of the infamous high school "Hampshire" I guess he is a fan of

my books series.

Me: I bet he is, but you can't go you are sick.

Father: no I think I am better now but I still sneeze though.

Me: dad I have to tell you something, I found a b...

The cashier yells from downstairs: Mr. Rigsby the mayor is waiting for your reply.

Father: ok this has to wait, I am going to call the mayor and see what Mr. Morgan wants then we will talk.

me: but dad...

He descends and starts talking to Mr. Morgan as the phone started to ring.

Father: son can you answer the phone?

If he just listens to me I have no time for this, as I picked up the phone I noticed the opened window, I could swear that I closed it myself at 6:00 before getting out.

As I got close to shut the window I saw some dirt in the floor I think someone broke to the house ,

I got out without saying anything and searched for something close to the window and as suspected I found a hairpin that surely was used for opening the window,

now that I am sure someone broke in I need to know why, so I headed back to the cabin and follow the dirt it lead to the vessels closet,

as I opened it the doubt became a certainty and the vacation became a horror show.

I opened the closet and found among food plates a hunting knife painted with blood,

I bet it's the knife that was used as the murder weapon and the killer is planning to set my dad up but why did he throw the hairpin why didn't he take it with him and why didn't he close

the window after he got out unless!!

The killer is still here in the cabin; maybe he didn't get out of the window to avoid being noticed and that means it is one of the three people who are here.

Morgan the stranger that is not from the town, the cashier who is a hunter and works often with knives and finally the scout girl who knows the forest like the back of her hand.

(Put your guess of who the culprit is on the comments)

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