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"I love you" For some people it's just a few simple words with no meaning...
By Bella_Boo https://www.reddit.com/r/...


by Bella_Boo

"I love you"

For some people it's just a few simple words with no meaning...

For others it's a lot more...

You see I never really got to experience love, I mean I do love my family, my brother, my sister, and my mom and dad, but I've never really felt love for someone outside of my family.

Until October 18 2007...

You see it was my first year of Jr High and I was in Mrs.Henley's science class and she assigned us partners for some experiment for fall time. Now I was paired up with this boy Noah.

Do you know how they say opposites attract? I guess you can say that's what happened. Noah the tall handsome jock stuck with little ol' me...

We slowly but surely became best friends...but I felt more...I wanted more. And then it happened he started asking me about this girl Haley.

He said he fell madly in love with her and needed advice on how to ask her out...it felt like my heart broke into a million pieces...

He and Haley did end up together but two months later she cheated on him with his older brother Alex. And can I say I've never been happier to see two people break up.

But things carried on normally as if she never was there. But then disaster struck...

I was walking home from school and was about to cross a the street when I saw two bright headlights rush at me.

Noah was one of the fist people to run out after me, taken that he rides the late bus, and I could faintly hear his sweet calming voice that always made me smile.

But his sweet voice was filled with shrieks of fear...screaming for help... I could barley see anything but I saw a lot of blood...mine.

I could hear doctors rushing around me but couldn't open my eyes."she was hit by a pickup truck right across from Ridge Way Jr High"

"Drunk driver?"

"Most likely...100ml grams of morphine...we're losing her doctor!" My hearing cut out and back in and I could nearly hear anything. But I could hear one last thing before I died for good...

in that sweet charming voice I always loved...Noah. And as I lay on what might as well be my death bed he whispers the softest, most calming words you could ever hear...

and plants a small kiss on my forehead...

"I love you"

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