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I've chosen the cabin 4. As for me, it looks really comfortable and quiet. I'm not sure, what makes me so tick and why don't I fancy other cabins, but the fact is the fact - the only picture I can accept is under number 4. My outlook or the fact that I'm a creature of comfort makes me look for the most convenient and least dangerous abode. I agree wholeheartedly that other cabins are romantic and even charming too, but the idea of protection sets in my crania and the only shelter, that looks more or less reliable is the fourth one. So, let's imagine my typical day in such a cabin. An alarm in my phone wakes me up at 5 a.m. Even if it's my day-off. So, let's hope my phone is charged enough so it wakes me up exactly at that time. Something tells me, that I should forget about the shower, so then I have nothing to do but to start my day. Usually I go jogging with my dog if it's a day-off. After an hour of jogging I'm usually flesh with energy. The cabin is placed in a perfect area for such an activity. In summer I go jogging with the dog in the nearest forest, so I put it well when I decided to choose this picture. I suppose such place is great for relaxation. When only fresh wind and bird noises are around you, you have nothing to do but to accept the glory of the solitude and to enjoy it. I believe it's the best place for books to be read and for poems to be written. So perhaps the half of the day I would spend sitting outside, on the bench, or inside next to an opened window with a book. I wander if I could have a small lunch of fruit and vegetables sitting on a wooden chair at a wooden table. My dog would lie just next to me waiting for me to be free. Personally, i prefer the vacations when everything is laid on. But sometimes I find such holidays a bit stifling. Everything becomes reduced to a shuttle between the room and the services and I fell that I'm in need of changing something. I become utterly glib to anything and nothing can scarcely interest me. So this cabin and even this place may probably give me a chance to feel relieved, not to lose the sight of the world. I wouldn't have to put my studying and work before my sanity and mental conditions. Sounds a bit like a pie in the sky, but why not to dream for a while? In the evening, when both - my dog and I - were exhausted, I would lie on a narrow bed and try to reflex on life, listening to cicadas chirp and top of the trees' rustle. Such an atmosphere may give me an opportunity to analyze my life, to put up with something in some occasions or to challenge the status quo in other. Then I would fall asleep pleased with myself, anticipating the next day.

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