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What is good at facts and bad at reading.
What animal is good at cricket and baseball?
(A bat)

FRIENDS ARE MORE IMPORTANT. Friends are like lolly's, They can run out. You can lose friends or get friends. It is the way you treat your friends that counts. If you treat them bad you will get treated the same way.

My friend Friends are someone we can ask for help when it is needed Friends are family. True friends never lie, and a true friend is trustworthy. Best friends are like stars in the sky They stay with us forever.

My Country My India, I am proud to be an Indian I am filled with joy because I was born in such a beautiful place. this is the beloved country that I love so much. this is my home where my ancestors are from. The God's own country is my country.

Money is everything to human Money is just like time as it can run out If we don't use money appropriately. Even if we are millionaires and there is a disaster money can't save your lives. money is not worth our life. Money is our enemy. Money is breaking Our relationship, trust, and friendship.

School is important School is fun. You learn to share and make stuff. We can make friends at school that we can hang out with. They can be mean and they can be friendly. They will help you when you need them.

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