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I'm supposed to support myself. I'll need my own dwelling
By Retardditard https://www.reddit.com/r/...


by Retardditard

I'm supposed to support myself.

I'll need my own dwelling

A job, car

You only live once. Just don't be stupid.

It's better to regret something you have done rather than something you haven't done.

Most humans exchange communication like a book does! They use letters and even form intelligible words sometimes!

The problem is that most people don't read the whole book, less read some of it, even less comprehend and analyze the nuanced and most interesting parts.

But he'll watch a rerun, or refresh that page, click next page (or skip, abort! Fail)

Back to the fragments of our souls.

We are each a codex and, full of stories familiar yet alien, palpable yet hollow, we hunt for that which satisfied the palettes of our ancestors, and ourselves (if there's time).

Like a pebble in a geyser rushing upward, any off balance could shoot us off our maximum potential upward trajectory. Like a thirty year old virgin that'd lick some asshole just to get laid.

Sometimes, desperate measures are needed.

We do coexist, all of us here in space time. You will never leave this place, I'm talking to your sins, not you, saint.

What once was cold and dark now becomes bright and hot.

Because fags go to hell, and faggots love scented candles.

I'm a faggot. Just kidding.

I just need a woman who wears the pants. Sigh? I'm working on this.

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