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Our forever Was never
By instanceandthephrase

To This I Do Confess

by instanceandthephrase

Our forever

Was never

In meeting

But the future

Of what would

Define us

In our separate

And distant


Which differed from

The feelings

We’d sought

As a temporary fix

For abandon

By the devils

That tempt us

Toward meaning

In disclosure

Of passions apparent

Or the sex

Of a lover


Who bridles her strength

In this bedroom

As a confidence

That wanes

When decisions

Are the destiny

We make

In withstanding

The fallacies of those

We keep close

And choose

To endure

As a testament

Of the emptiness

Which creeps

Every evening

When imagining

A lifetime

Of loneliness

As the only

Real truth

That is sure

Of a permanent

And stable


We at least

Can control

Through an absence

Of presence

Which rears

Its known messiness

But rebels

From the hand

Which it needs,

As you had

When inducing

These comas

Each night

That I wake

From my screaming

At the notion

Of believing

Hard bargains

I plead to you


In dreams

For the chance

To disclose

What still ails me

By predictions

We made

When together

And relieving

In irony

Of hindsight

By admitting

To the sin

I can’t know

Or bear to confess

As a factor

For the reasons

I pray

You’ll forgive me

And release

From the death

That’s deserving

Of the happiness

I owe you

As much.

- J. Pigno

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