Thirteen ways of Looking at Light By: Pranita Mishra
Thirteen ways of Looking at Light  By: Pranita Mishra stories

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Perspectives on light

Thirteen ways of Looking at Light By: Pranita Mishra

I The light shines bright She opens her eyes The night has passed Alas, the dream is gone. II They sit watching the box In a trance The light is bewitching They sit there Not sparing a glance III As the candle burns The light radiates The boy sits with his book Not knowing he is fated for great IV They stand under the moon The light above them The darkness around They see nothing but each other Their lips touching as light as feather V The prisoner steps out The light is his savior The light He knows nothing about VI They sit in the darkness No one saying a word The light comes on They sit with their device No one needing to be heard VII The sound of children’s laughter can be heard The light from the sparkers Brightening their face The joy is evident The darkness has blurred VIII She sits by the fire She watches it burn The light Is burning her soul IX They tuck her in bed Each kissing her head “Don’t turn off the light” She whispers It keeps the monsters away X She sits alone in fright Not have the might The light gives her strength She will go to any length To fight for her right XI The thunder booms The light scares them The storm is coming They know there is no use Hiding in their rooms XII She sits next to him She knows he is dying But the light next to him Is a flicker of hope. XIII The light turns off The darkness surrounds There is no barrier now To stop the sounds

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