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This train will stop at Tottenham Court Station.

The Train Station

Chapter 1 10am. The sound of my alarm rang it's screeching cry. Squinting my eyes open, I focused my vision on the room. The grey curtains only a few centimetres apart, was allowing the sun to pierce me with its rays, were hung opposite my bed covering my large windows. I looked to my chair placed near the curtains, piled with all the clothes I forgot to tidy from last week. Mum won't be happy about that. Again I hear the cry. 10:15am. It was time for work. I drag my body off my bed, the fresh scent of new covers still lingering in my nose. This was the hardest moment of any day but I was already late twice this week and my manager Lily would not be too thrilled about the third. I staggered towards a floor length mirror which was hung against the wall. Dad was proud of the work he had accomplished with it. Standing straight I look to myself, my brown, curly hair fell down my shoulders stopping near my stomach. I look up and two large dirty, brown eyes stared back. This was me. An 18 year old girl, completing her last year of college and soon to be late for work. I rushed to the bathroom, grabbed a hair belt and scrunched my hair into a messy bun. There was no time to wash this mess. After completing the everyday morning routine of brushing my teeth, washing my face and getting changed, I look to my watch, 11:30am. “S***!” I cried, I was going to be late yet again. I ran to my mum who was cooking breakfast for my sister and dad, which is how I knew it's a Saturday and kiss her on the cheek. I had no time to eat and ran to the front door. Before I knew it I was at the train station, waiting for the central line. I enjoyed taking the underground, apart from rush hours where the carriages are consumed by humans and workaholics I found trains to be quite soothing. Walking towards the end of the platform, I looked towards the dark, tunnel where trains enter and exit. Something about it had always fascinated me. It was like a black hole, waiting to consume it's next victim. My train had arrived and I quickly got in and frantically searched for a seat on the right side of the train. There's a reason to why I do this as the right side provides me with the perfect view to watch Tottenham court station. The station was closed for months and it's emptiness endured me to watch it while the train went past. “This train will not stop at Tottenham court station”, said the robotic female voice. It was time. The train began to reduce its speed and slowly entered the station. The damaged walls, broken tiles and dimmed lights captivated me to watch with large childlike eyes. “It's like a ghost town” said a mother to her child who was watching the station with excitement. I turn back towards the station and admired its isolation. There was no one. No living existence on the platform. It almost looked like it was waiting, waiting for something. Then everything turned black. We had entered the other tunnel and my 30 second thrill was over and as the train began to pick it's speed, my mind once again focused on getting to work. Chapter 2 The cold, crisp air welcomed me as I took one step outside the building. It was 9pm and my shift was over. The icy breeze cut my skin as I pulled my coat over my body. Placing my ear phones into each ear, right one first then left, I begin to walk towards the station. Fantasising about my bed and it's warmth, I entered the station and tapped my oyster hurrying towards the platform from where I hear the familiar sounds of wheels approaching. As the first carriage passed I look up towards the train driver who seemed to be smiling at me. A smile which gave off the impression that he knew a secret about me that even I wasn't aware of. Not in the mood to watch Tottenham train station, as my manager had lectured me for displeasing a customer, I chose to sit at the first seat I found. “This train will not stop at Tottenham court station,” repeated the women in the speaker. As the train began to slow, I look down towards my shoes, flats that were comfy yet smart, suitable for retail. I then look towards others, a mid 50 year old women with mid high heeled shoes and a gothic teen with black converses drawn over with felt tip. I glanced up towards the window like a habit and once again viewed the abandoned site. No one knows why it was shut down all those months ago and no one questioned when it would be opened once again. Only trains would sneak by, frightened to wake whatever lies between both tracks on either side of the platform. I look again towards the arches which separated the two platforms and from the corner of my eye saw a dark figure, standing, watching me. I blink my eyes and rub them from the exhaustion which consumed them. It was gone. I look away persuading myself it was merely a trick of the light. Chapter 3 I had surprisingly left early that Sunday morning for work. Fulfilling my everyday rituals of saying goodbye to my parents as well as eating breakfast I calmly walked onto the train which had appeared in front of me. It was less busy today at the station which provided me with the privilege of choosing any seat on the right side of the train I desired. I sat down and placed in my earphones, lowering the music making it quiet enough to hear if anyone were to approach me for help. A couple sat a few seats near me, gossiping away to their happiness, I smiled, looking back to my phone. “This train will stop at Tottenham court station”. Confused for a moment, I look up towards the speaker, taking off my earphones. Was I hearing things? Maybe I hadn't gotten enough sleep? I had seen no updates on the opening of the station the previous night and blamed TFL for the confusion. I looked towards the couple for answers, but they were gone. Frightened, I frantically searched around, looking for others for guidance. But there was no one. I walked towards the door that connected my carriage to the one at front, desperately searching for another human on the train. But there was no one. I was alone on this train which was about to stop at a forgotten station. Everything was still. The train had arrived at the platform, dead in its track, it's engine breathing at a slow place. There it was. The broken station with its damp, dusty walls and it's uselessness. The doors slid wide open as if commanding me to leave. Unsure of what to do, a spark of curiosity struck me as I decided to leave the train. I walk towards the doors, once again looking around for any sign of human existence and take one step out of the train. Right foot first, then left. Standing at the edge of the platform, a swift breeze passed through me, like a warm breath. Bang. The train doors slam shut, shocked by the noise I twisted around and began to pound on the doors, forcing it to open. It was hopeless. A high pitched cry is heard from the head of the train as it began to move. I move back afraid of being pulled in and watched as the possessed train left the station. Chapter 4 I was alone. Confused for what had just occurred I gazed upon the tiled wall in front of me. The sign Tottenham Court Station, had begun to rust showing off its brown, metallic body within. Imagining my life stuck at this station just like the sign created a sense of determination within me. I wasn’t going to stay inside the station any longer. Getting a hold of myself I picked up my black, leather rucksack and swung it across my shoulders. I had to get out. I turned and began searching for an exit sign. To my right, near the end of the station a green glowing light brightened my mind has it read the hopeful words of exit with an arrow pointing toward a door on the wall. I ran towards it, consumed with delight I swung the door open and feasted my eyes upon a brick wall. It was sealed. My only chance of leaving this forgotten place was blocked by sand and cement. Fear once again entered my mind as I looked for another way of escaping. After hours of searching the platform I found no other possible means of escape. Exhausted and hungry I tiredly walked towards the centre of the platform and sat upon a rusting chair.Was I stuck here forever? I closed my eyes thinking about my family and then about my bed. Oh how I wish I was in it right now. A soft breeze brushed against my face as I opened my eyes and looked towards the black tunnel which gave a haunting invitation. I stood up and walked towards the tracks, bending down I jumped onto the metal tracks and began my walk towards the empty hole of darkness. As the darkness surrounded me hugging my body I questioned whether my eyes were closed or open. The sound of my breathing accompanied me as every step I took was of uncertainty and danger. The walk seemed endless as my mind began to play tricks, scaring me into imagining the worst of creatures were waiting for me in the dark. Ahead a saw a light, a small light of hope and a way to get out. I began to run once again, cautious of the tracks beneath me I sprinted with all my might. It was another station, hopefully one with an exit. The familiarity of it slapped me across the face as I walked towards the middle and once again looked up towards the rusting sign of Tottenham court station. To be continued…

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