The Tragedy of Love
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A constant tie between being selfish, and caring about other peoples emotions

The Tragedy of Love

Relationships are tricky. They can be fun. They can make you do things you would never of thought of doing. They make the most ordinary situation feel so special. Like when your watching a movie at home; when you next watch that movie you will most likely think back to how you and your partner were snuggling while watching it. But they can also bring a lot of stress. The constant debates on whether to go out with your friends or to stay in with your boyfriend.

But thats not the actual tricky part of a relationship. Of course, there are many tricky things in a relationship, but personally I find this the harder one to deal with. The break up. Whether its you or your partner who has found someone better, its always tricky. when its you in that situation, you feel on one hand you destroying someones self esteem believing they can never be good enough for someone, but on the other hand if you stay you live a life full of whats ifs, and never truly for filling the life you could of had.

The constant tie between being selfish and caring about other peoples emotions, is something people somehow have to deal with. Choosing whether to live a life that isn't being true to yourself, or hurting someone you care about but do not love. Its a cruel cycle. But the same goes the other way. Imagine your partner had found love and destiny in someone else. Are you going to hold them back because you love them? Or are going to let them go because their happiness means more to you than them settling for something that they don't want anymore, and suffering.

Again the tie between being selfish and caring about other peoples emotions. Would you be okay with having someone stay with you out of guilt because you were so heartbroken about them liking someone else that you begged them to stay, screaming like a child who'd had their teddy taken away. I know its tough, seeing someone you love love someone else, it kills. But I believe that if you deeply, truly love someone, their happiness should come above all of that and that you should just try to get over it.

Easier said than done. I understand, and I can't imagine that letting go of someone is going to be anyones first option when finding out they like someone else. You want to show them first what they've got. You want to prove to them that you're better than this other person. But personally, I'd be too afraid to put on a strong fight, and still be let down. To give my partner my all, and it still not be enough. That would break me.

But as people say all the time, there are more fish in the sea. there are 7 billion+ people living in this world, there are 195 countries on this world, so of course they are more fish in the sea. Our life as humans is short on this world, so in life sometimes it is about being selfish. Because if being selfish means you get to live a good life with the people you love and love you back, then that doesn't make you a bad person for letting your partner go. And the other way round, our lives are too short to be fussing and getting upset about some body not loving us, because theres still life ahead of you, countries to go and people to meet. As long as you have those who love and support you around you, thats all that matters.

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