The Mist
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When there's mysterious happenings going on in a Finnish town in the forest, don't you want to know what happens?

The Mist

She walked down the path. The forest was very misty today, but she went in anyway. It was a ritual. Every wednesday. Suddenly a mist came over her. She felt dizzy. Then everything went black.

"The forest mist has claimed yet another person" stated the radio announcer. "We hope to figure this out. If you witnessed this or know of any information please contact us." The old mann sighed. He knew what the mist was. It happened the exact same way 80 years ago...

In 1938, when the last mist came it was because of the witch in the forest. Every 80 years she would brew up the same misty potion. There was no way to stop it. Many would die. Nobody can escape the mist.

A doctor. A soldier. A salesperson. One by one, many people got outwitted by the mist. Run away? no, the mist follows. Duck or jump? The mist expands . Nothing can be done. The mist can even deguise itself as your average bog mist. So be careful. Watch out. For your friendly neighborhood park may in fact be a killer.

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