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It was dark. It was always dark, here in The Haven.  
By starwarslawyers

The Haven

by starwarslawyers

It was dark. It was always dark, here in The Haven.


I could hear the voices of the others, all around me, a chorus of whispers that together created a sea of noise. We all stood before the Gate, waiting until the time came when it opened.


No one here knows where we are. We walk through the Passage without any memories. Are we in Purgatory? Does the Gate lead to Heaven? Does it lead to Hell?


I can sense the fear; all around me, people are scared. This sometimes happens. There are times when many of us have the courage to walk through together, and other times when only one will.

I too am scared, but I have been here long enough.


Suddenly, the Gate opens, filling the cavern with blinding light.

I see my people again, perhaps for the last time; their dark complexions and uneven surfaces seem abnormal to me, as though I can remember a time when we were supposed to look different.

I can't though. This is all I've ever known.


The crowd is not moving. There will be no one who will step forth today.


I push past my people and make my way to the Gate. The light hurts to look at, though the beauty of it draws the eye back time and again. As I reach the Gate, I dare not look back. I jump.


I am falling. All around me, the world is white. I have never been this happy.


I hit water.




“Ah, fuck.” I curse, under my breath, as I feel the cold water of the toilet splash up against my arse. With a sigh, I put my phone away, wipe, flush and leave.

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