The Descent
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My large fable about being understanding of others, with a deeper meaning

The Descent

The darkness surrounded him Enveloped him, kept him safe He was awoken to the noise of the woodpecker beating at the other side of the tree The beating stopped and then suddenly light He was interrupted from his self thought The woodpecker had found his worm but took pity This was something he had never seen before He did not taste it, instead consoled it For he was twisted The eldest woodpecker sibling He was the listener He was shown the butterfly soon after his younger brother found him He helped the butterfly escape his cocoon The butterfly emerged in all its glory Hurt, broken winged Unable to fly he fell to the ground The two males left unknowing The sister found him struggling The butterfly introduced himself with a quick few words Enveloped in a deeper meaning, in a witty way he said something he dreaded “I'm broken. What do you think of me now?” They practiced wing strokes Over and over When the butterfly lifted off the ground He immediately fell She was there to help him up again He was eventually well enough to fly The woodpecker and his family have proven helpful to the butterfly With the light of the sun on his wings he is free to feel the cool breeze which he will use to float away With the butterfly out of the cocoon Too beautiful to eat He was finally free to fly

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