The Day The Earth Stood Still
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This is about a girl who worked at a haunted asylum and had been attacked multiple times by the same spirit or entity that haunted that Asylum. What happens when the Ghost Adventures crew is called in to save the day? Well night as it does take place in the night. Read to find out.

The Day The Earth Stood Still

CHAPTER 1: The Meeting I was working a late shift one night and was getting ready to close up for the night. As I felt a chill go down my spine, I turned a corner and saw what appeared to be a dark figure of a man standing there and then he began to walk my way. I turned around and ran the opposite way. I hid behind a counter and peeked up only to find a actual man looking at me concerned. "Are you alright, ma'am? You look like you seen ghost." I blushed and stood up when I saw who it was. I smiled. "I actually ran from one, thank you." I walked around from behind the corner. "Elena Mathews." I introduced myself. Zak shook my hand and kissed it. "Zak Bagans, and this is my crew, Aaron, Billy, and Jay. We heard your Asylum was haunted and came to investigate it. So, you said you were running from a ghost? Did you happen to see what it looked like?" Zak asked. I showed him to the place where I last saw the figure. "Dark, tall, had on a black cloak of some sort, no eyes or face for that matter. It was a little odd." I muttered the last part. Zak felt a cold breeze rush by him as did the other guys. They turned to see where it had come from and nothing was open. Not the doors, not the windows. I had my eyes fixed on the spot where I saw the figure earlier. There he was again. I shivered and crossed my arms. Zak notice and took his jacket off and placed it around me. I smiled. "You didn't have to do that." He shook his head smiling. "I wanted to. I wasn't going to let you freeze to death." I felt a tap on my shoulder and thought it was one his crew members and laughed. "Real funny, guys." Everyone looked at me. " What?" Zak asked. "One of ya'll tapped my shoulder." Zak looked at the guys who shook their heads. "Nobody touched you, Elena." Zak said softly. They pulled out a spirit box and a EVP recorder and of course, He sent me in with the spirit box by myself into a room that I hated the most. A room where I had been brutally scarred up from physically. I bit my tongue walking around while being watched by Zak and his crew. I felt kinda nervous and and- and that's when I saw that same figure again. The one that attacked me a few months back. I dropped the flashlight and it went off and I fled for the door but the door slammed shut.

CHAPTER 2: Life or Death As I laid there trying to figure out if I was dying or If i was going to live, I heard voices calling out my name. I saw all kinds of odd lights. I even even felt no pain at all until.....Until I woke up in the hospital. My roommates, my brothers, my best friend, my grandpa, they were all there with me. And I saw the guys from Ghost Adventures come in. Everyone was thanking Zak, who, come to find out, saved my life. Barely. If he hadn't kicked that door in when he heard my screams, I would have died in that miserable place. I was released a few weeks later. But I refused to back there so when I told my boss I wanted to quit, she was very understandable. She said she would pay me more then what I was going to get after what I got put through.

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