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I see the ball bounce into the road. A little boy chases after it.
By TheOldStag

The Ant Hill

by TheOldStag

I see the ball bounce into the road.

A little boy chases after it.

I have a moment to see the look on his mother's face.

She knows she won't make it in time.

I jerk the wheel and hope that *I* do.

I'm pulled to the right.

The car jumps the curb.

I step on the breaks.

I involuntary look down as I wonder if I remembered to buckle up.

I look up and see the tr-


I feel calm.


There's a tugging around my stomach.

Like on the Tilt-o-Whirl at the fair.

Feels almost like I'm getting stretched.

No pain.

A drop of oil flushing down the toilet.

I'm going down.

Faster and faster.

A bottomless pit.


A dot of light.

Very far away.

They always said you'd go towards the light.



The sound reminds me of when I went to Niagara Falls as a kid and heard the enormous quantity of cascading water in the distance.

Getting closer.

Closer to the sound and the light.

It's deafening.



Not a waterfall.


Vision recommencing is shocking and painful.

I fall towards a red sandy landscape.


Not sand.



*Trillions* of people seen from above at an impossible height.

A writhing, angry ant hill.

Their suffering voices combined in a mind shattering drone.

Other sounds too.

Flutes, fifes, trumpets, cymbals.

A lunatic's orchestra.

Screaming in Hell's Gregorian chant.

Ever louder.

Others fall with me.

Cinders falling with meteoric tails to be added to the pile.

If I can see so many on top

how many are below?

They're closer and closer.

All the time.

A split second before impact a mindless, anguished face turns towards me.

I see its eyes are raw holes.

Drool drips from its twisted mouth.

I screa-

A jarring pull.

I'm yanked back, faster somehow than I fell.

Blinding light.

And then pain.

Terrible pain, but a different sort.

A beautiful sort.

The blue sky stares down at me.

And a man.

His face is distorted in




"Can you hear me buddy?"

He sounds far away.

"Give him some space!"

I blink hard.

I grimace.

Tastes like I have sandy grit in my mouth.

*Red sand*


Just broken teeth.

*Thank God*

I would vomit if I had the strength.

"Don't worry buddy. The ambulance is coming. You're a hero, man. You swerved just in time and missed the kid. He's safe! You did it!"

I close my eyes and lay my head back.

I can see the ant hill.

It's very far away.

Unfathomably far.

But not far enough.

I know I will see it for the rest of my life.

Until death claims me again and I am returned.

I know what lies beyond the veil.

And now I will never sleep again.

I will never enjoy a quiet moment.

I will never know peace.

More than anything in the world

I wish I had just hit the kid.

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