Thalassa by Louis MacNeice
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Thalassa by Louis MacNeice
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Thalassa by Louis MacNeice

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by Louis MacNeice

Run out the boat, my broken comrades;

Let the old seaweed crack, the surge

Burgeon oblivious of the last

Embarkation of feckless men,

Let every adverse force converge –

Here we must needs embark again.

Run up the sail, my heartsick comrades;

Let each horizon tilt and lurch –

You know the worst; your wills are fickle,

Your values blurred, your hearts impure

And your past life a ruined church –

But let your poison be your cure.

Put out to sea, ignoble comrades,

Whose record shall be noble yet;

Butting through scarps of moving marble

The narwhal dares us to be free;

By a high star our course is set,

Our end is life. Put out to sea.

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