Snow white meets Hulk
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Snow white meets Hulk

Snow White has eaten the poisonous green apple. The way to break the curse is to get a green muscular man to kiss her.

The dwarfs contacted Hulk to come and save Snow White.Hulk arrives in Snow White’s bedroom.

Hulk arrives in Snow White’s bedroom.

Hulk: "She reminds me of a rose, a beautiful white rose."

'Those lips are so red like freshly plucked red strawberry."

I know I came to save her but I think I am falling in love. Hulk leans down and puts his lips against her red soft lips.

After a few seconds, Snow White is conscious. "Thank you for saving me. I owe you for this help."

Hulk: "I will take that up. How about a date?"

Snow White blushes and is charmed by Hulk’s words and looks. Snow White: "I would love to."

To be continued....

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